Sunday, January 17, 2010

Womens jeans.

Does anyone else have this problem? My thighs are big and my my butt is butilicious. This makes buying jeans, that fit well, rather hard to find. I used to dance so my thighs and butt used to be big due to muscle. Now they are just big. My waist on the other hand is small.

Hear are my jeans. They fit right.

They look like they fit anyways.

And they do is some areas. See, they hug my thighs.
And they hug my tooshy.

But my waist is a whole nother matter. This is like an extra 4 inches.

I mean seriously. I feel like my pants are falling down at my waist all day and when I pull them up they don't go anywhere because they are still nice and on my thighs and bum. What the crap. Peopl say to buy Lucky jeans or Buckle jeans. Not only do those make me feel fat but they don't fit much better, they are super expensive and they are hard waisted. The hard waist is the worst part because when I sit I have rolls. And if you have rolls, a hard waste hurts.
Do any of you have this problem and have you found any nicely fitting comfortable jeans?


Cara said...

I have the same problem and I found that GAP jeans in curvey are the best! these jeans are meant to fit wider hips/thighs/butt yet fit the waist. Prices can range from $39-$64

Jenny Johnson said...

I also have that problem, but I haven't found any that I like. Wish I could be of more help!

The Boothes said...

I have that problem as well. I say WHATEVER to the jean makers out there! I wish we could all get jeans made to fit! Callie, Thank you for you comment on the ladypassages blog. Your point of view is incredible and such a valueable contribution. I LOVED what you said!

Dani said...

I freakin' hate getting jeans!

I have a ghetto booty. So my problem is once I get them past my butt I have this like "space" in the waist. Looks good from the front, but the waist in the back sticks out. Like you could see my undies or whatever. So I have to wear a belt and then the fabric bunches because I have to get a size bigger just to fit the butt. Stupid....

Callie and Bryce Christiansen said...

Totally understand. Belts make it worse cause then you have to constantly are shoving the waist back in the belt. And its totally all bunched up. I think we should invent our own jeans fir the bootilicious women out there.