Friday, January 22, 2010

No more burn pictures, Fergie, and Jewellry

I have been making more jewelry lately. Here are the latest 2 designs. You can find these as well as others on sale at Tantrum hair salon.

3 piece matching set=$40

I've had a thing for sweaters this winter. I have 4 and they seem to be all I want to wear in this cold weather. My doggie Fergie seems to share love.

When I am done for the night and plop down on the couch to watch a show or two she comes and nudges at my sweater until I make her a little area to fit in. She prefers this to the hot bed whereas my doggie Monty spends %95 of his time in the hot bed.


Jenny Johnson said...

I wish my doggie was small enough to snuggle in like that, but he weighs about 50 lbs and wants to crush my rib cage. Cute jewelry too

Janeen Cohee said...

aw fergie is so cute! it makes me want a dog again! And I love your jewelery and most of my clients comment on how pretty they all are! And your poor hand... hopefully nothing else will happen to it! I think it needs a rest. as a matter of fact... I think your whole body needs a rest! I think you've been through enough! Don't you? :)

Dave and Rachel said...

i actually wanted to check your blog knowing i would be surprised with a burn pic. i just cant handle:) UMMMM ur hand turning purple/blue, is so weird. You need to find a doc that will find what's wrong with you, then u need to be on mytery diagnosis!

Katielou said...

Oh wow Callie, I love how creative and skillful you are. It's sad to see your blue hand. What happened there?