Monday, March 1, 2010

Catch up

There are some burn pics but they are at the bottom and they aren't that bad. Just letting you know.

This is a baby blessing bracelet for a friend of mine at work. I loved it. I'm pretty sure she did too.

I wear glasses now. I've been farsided my whole life but I also have Dissasociated Horizontal Diviation. Fancy name for I was born cross eyed and my eyes saw 2 different images, one from each eye rather then one image seen by both eyes working together. My brain got tired of seeing disassociated images so it now blocks out what my left eye see's. When it started blocking out what my left eye saw the farsided vision in my right eye self corrected. Now, for some reason it no longer corrects itself and  glasses are now needed. I am not allowed to wear contacts so I bought 2 pairs of glasses. This is one pair.
My wonderful sister in law made me some button images for my jewelry website that I am absolutely in love with. She also made me an awesome banner. Need any personalized images of your own or announcement cards of any time check out Tiny Tale Design

Burn pics now.

And my burn,  slowly but surely is healing.


Dan and Jan said...

Wow, that looks a lot better!

Mike and Katie said...

The baby blessing bracelet was so cute! Was that for Rachel?? Your burn does look so so much better. So glad it is finally healing for you. What a long horrible process :(