Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jack who is now Colt.

So this weekend, I'm sitting making jewelry an thought, 'I want soup and we don't have any soup. I'll run to the store real quick'. So I grab my purse and go. I get there and see a dog. He had a collar so I just wanted to get to him and call the number on the tag. He had no tag. So, I had no choice, I took him home with me. It was hard. He was very very timid and every time I touched his collar he layed down. Fortunately I had frosted animal cookies in my purse. So I lured him to my car.

After the luring process I decided he looked like a Jack. So thats what I called him. He was very very sweet. Super sweet, couldn't hurt a fly, but definately needs more then a little confidence building.
He's way cuter in person too, I promise. So I posted pictures of Jack on Craigslist 3 times and dreaded surrendering him to mesa animal care and control because he would have no chance at the pound. No loving family looking for a pupppy, would sit with him for a 45 min to build his confidence in them and then see his loving playful side and not just his sweet but very timid side. He, being an un nutered  male gave all dominance to my tiny nutered 5 pound chihuahua. I could lay on him, check his teeth, check his ears, scan him all over for bugs and he couldn't care less but grab his collar an he shut right down. He also wouldn't come in the house. left the door oppen all day and he couldn't do more then 2 steps. Super people pleaser dog, though.
I wasn't attached, I promise. Anyways, I had just cut my friend Lindi's hair and she and her husband were looking for a dog. Having no potential owners contact me and being worried about sending him to the pound I called her and told her I had a dog for her. She and her husband came and saw him. They fell in love with him too. I explained that he needed work and they were okay with that. See they sat with him for 45 minutes and then Chuck got up and played a little fetch with him. He's good at fetch. A total natural. They said they were going to get the doggie necessities and then pick him up the next day. I got a call from them around 9:30 instead and they came and got him. They live down the street and around the corner. They are having a house warming party tonight so I get to see Jack. Oh, his name is now Colt. After Chuck's gun. I personally love the name Colt and think being name after a gun will help his confidence. Chuck is a cop and will soon be  a canine cop and that means another dog. He fell in love with Colt because of his nature with other dogs.
If you listen to Jonjay and Rich you could have heard Bryce on the, 'after this weekend I'll never do ___________ again', segment. He said, " after this weekend I'll never let my wife go to the store for soup alone." they asked why and he said, " she went for soup and came home with a dog." They all laughed. Yes I am a bleeding heart. I have a brother who is the same way and I'm sure his wife and my husband can relate. Hey, alls well that ends well and hopefully Colt now has a forever home. I think if they give him a week of stability he will be the perfect dog.

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Little Red said...

You have such a gift with dogs, well with all animals but especially dogs. I'm so glad Fergus will be in good hands. And Jack/Colt is SUPER cute. Glad he went to a good home.