Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008

Warning: there are a ton of photos. Result of my own camera.

This is how the Proffitts do food. We had a ham, a turkey, cheesy potatos, sweet potatos, crackers and cheese ball, crackers and creams cheese dip, pasta salad, relish tray and veggie tray and....

Jans amazing Orange rolls. Not pictured are the two pumpkin pies and the pecan pie with an amazing new crust recipe by Rebeccas, which she has sworn never to make again. Why, because she almost said some pretty choice words while making it.

Am I forgetting anything?

This is the result of how the Proffitts do food. Meet my food baby.

This is as close as you will ever get to seeing me pregnant. Cassie, I wish I had a photo of you so I could compare your 7 month pregnant belly to my food baby. I bet mine is bigger.

All of us enjoying how the Proffitts do food.

Wendy and Kim, We missed you!
Hanna and Kylee chatting away in the hall way. I think these girls will always be good friends.

Cute miss Addie chowin down on some chocolate.

Janee. She poses rather then hides from cameras and I love it.

Some of the kids outside playing.

My buddy, Booker.
Me: Booker, who's my buddy?
Booker: Bookers buddy!
I love this kid.

Trigg chillin in the dolly's crib.

I think he just wanted the baby's mirror, which is in his has. To his credit, at least he's sharing with the dolly.
Cute Zan playing with the toy kitchen in the play room.
Cute Cute Danica. Kinsey curled all of Dani's hair so cute. It's not hard to make such a cute girl even cuter. Kinsey is the next Hair Stylist in the family. My Successor. She has 3, I believe, marcel irons already and is very sufficient with them. (marcel irons are the curling irons you lift and hold down, not the spring loaded ones) She is amazingly talented when it comes to hair and will be great at it.

Kinsey, First lesson in color.

Orange Violet
Yellow Blue
Memorize this circle so you can see it when you close your eyes. Know that colors directly across from eachother cancel eachother out and compliment eachother. Get to work.

Handsome Chandler. He ran every time he saw my camera. I had to be sneaky.
Chandler :" I don't do pictures"
I think this attitude is partially my fault. Here's why.
So, here I am chilling at the Evans house, either babysitting or eating dinner or just hanging out.
Evans kid: Callie, can I play with your phone?
Me: What are the Rules?
Evans kid: No pictures of you, EVER.
Me: Right, and if your do take pictures of me?
Evans kid: I don't ever get to play with your phone again.
Me: Correct, here you go. Have fun.

Chandler is the oldest of all my neices and nephews and is only 8 years younger then me. He's awesome. All of my neices and nephews are awesome!
Chandler trying to hide from my camera. Sorry I was a bad influence children. I'm over it now. Take pictures, lots and lots of pictures. You will never get this time in your life back.

The Christiansen Christmas Tree and the Christiansen Loot.

This tree was awesome. We talked my father in into getting a really big one this year. And yes, it's real. It was gorgeous. Apparently I am a little OCD about ball placement on Christmas trees.

Simba, Loving all the new toys I got the animals. He was the only one who really played with them.

Mom, you should have seen him. He was having a ball.
And boy, did he play with them. He was having a blast. It was like he was a little kitten again.
The Gingerbread cookies I made. We have the best Gingerbread Cookie recipe ever. If you don't believe I'll be happy to prove it.

One of my many presents from my husband. No, it's not an announcement.Fergie, in the new sweater I bought her. Monty got a matching blue one. She may look a little frightened in this picutre. This is Fergie's first winter and she is not used to wearing winter clothes like Monty is. If someone is sitting in her vicinity you will find her in the lap.Katie, with her favorite christmas gift. She got a new video Camera. Katie is an amazing videographer. She did my wedding video and she is also taking a videography class in college. This has been difficult for her since her video camera has been broken. So, she has been using ours and now she finally has a brand new awesome digital one all her own. Can't you tell how happy she is by look on her face?
One of the Christmas gifts I got my Mother in law. She was in desperate need of new pots and pots. She broke them in that very morning, making Scrambled eggs and hot chocolate.

My mother in law opening her loot. Yes, it took the whole floor. Everyone loves this women. It is amazingly rediculous and wonderful. When she was Relief Society President she had 100% Visiting teaching visits every month. I've never heard of that before.

Keving chasing Katie, who is trying to hide behind the tree, with the ball gun we all got from Santa.
Kevin. He paused from chasing Katie to give me a smile.

Bryce going checking out all the gift cards he got. Isn't he so handsome?Here he is putting together my remote control helicopter that we all got from Santa. I am gadget challenged as well as Technically chanllenged. Thank Goodness for Bryce, who is Brilliant.
I loved Christmas this year. The only thing that would have made it better woould have been if my mom were here to enjoy it with everyone. I got some amazing gifts this year. My husband bought me some new Ugg slipper that are amazing and exactly what I wanted. He also bought me a Victoria Secret gift card so I could brand new bras that I was in desperate need of. A Zune gift card so I could buy some new music for my Zune. A Sugar "Mommy". He did AWESOME this year. I love new bras, by the way. I got 2 beautiful red casserole dishes and holders from my mother and father in law. As well as several gift cards. And some beautiful jewlery and ball gun and remote control Helicopter from mom and dad in law. A beautiful shirt, necklace and earings from Katie. A wireless keyboard and mouse from kevin. I bought my husband, 120GB for the xbox. This makes it so I, as well as my husband, can do more with it. Like watch and record my favorite shows. I also got him several food gift card so he can get lunch while at school. A Zune gift card. A star wars game for the wii with Light Sabers. Awesome light sabers, that I am so excited to try. A new game called Party Play off by the makers of Cranium. Super awesome game, by the way. We got katie 3 pajama sets with cute comfy pants and long sleave shirts. Keven , we bought a new wallet. Dad, we got these really cool mirrors so he doesn't "back out blind" anymore. My mom, in law, we got new pots and pans, a new electric skillet, and a watch set that comes with one face but several different bands and charms. Mom, you will get your Christmas gift when you get back from Germany. I can't wait. I love you.
Amazing, Amazing, Amazing christmas this year. One of the Best by far. Dad, missin you but I know you're up there in heaven having a wonderful time watching the grandkids play with all of there new stuff. Hope everyone else had as much fun as we did. New years, here we come.


Cassie said...

Now THOSE orange rolls look delicious. Funny that we both did an individual pic of the orange rolls. :) Lindsay is Brandon's little sister's name.

Joy said...

Oh my gosh! It's my scary house kitchen in all it's scary-ness! It's even worse in pictures. PLEASE let this be the last Christmas there.

Jen said...

I love the belly shot. It takes a lot of guts to poke at our belly like that for a picture- I'm usually trying to suck everything in.

The Blair's said...

So glad that I was worht remembering! JK! Looks like you made out well for Christmas! Your nephews and nieces are beautiful! What a lucky aunt! Next time I am in Tantrum getting a wax I will have to look for you!

P.S. Your food baby bump looks good on even have that food pregnacy glow!

Niki (Crum) Worthen said...

haha. i love it!! we're food baby twins! yours is pretty dang good, i must say! that would be so funny to see you and your prego sis standing side by side.

looks like a grand ol' time!

oh, and by the way...i was totally kidding about my beyonce moves. that was a joke.