Thursday, December 11, 2008

Not a fan of Tea

I have a dear, sweet friend. Her name is Kara. Kara is a huge tea drinker. Because she is so sweet and dear everytime she is about to enjoy a cup of tea she asks me if I would like some. I, of course, say "no thank you". Not only because I am LDS but mostly because I just can not stand the taste of tea. It tastes like grass to me. So, I think she's been on a quest to find a tea that I like. I love hot drinks in the winter but am about %80 lactose intolerant and hot chocolate falls in that %80. Some day I'll come in to work and find a tea bag at my desk ( always herbal ) and she'll say, "just try it, if you like it I have more". Needless to say, I've never liked them. Well, today I found this tea bag sitting on my desk. I am happy to say it is delicious. I put the little tea bag in some super hot water in a cup and added one little packet of sugar. I enjoyed the whole cup. It was awesome. Now I want to try them all. They have Ginger snapish, orange and spice, red raspberry, all kinds of herbal tea. And if they're like this apple cider one, then they don't really taste like tea and I can drink them all. Woo Hoo!


beth ann said...

Yay!!!!! i am so happy for you!

Jen said...

I'm glad you now have your hot drink you can enjoy:)
I'm not a fan, i guess i have to be super super cold to even enjoy hot chocolate. And i have to be outside too.

Scott loves herbal tea- he picked it up from his cold mission in Chile.