Friday, December 5, 2008


There have been several clothing fads in my life. In Junior high it was Capris. I saw a girl wear them and thought " those will never be in" 6 months later I was wearing them. IN hight school there was 3/4 lenght sleeves and I thought "how obnoxious. who wants there sleeve to be in the middle of their arm? That will never feel normal". They are now my favorite style of shirt.
Now there is skinny jeans. I thought, "oh my gosh, those will never ever be okay to wear." Well people, yesterday I bought 2 pairs of skinny jeans.

Although I have decided to spen money and partake in the new fad, I have decided that this fad has rules. There are some do and some definate don'ts. Here are the rules I have decided on. Let's start with the must nots.

Rule #1. No male should ever wear skinny jeans, no matter how hot. Below is a prime example.
Rule #2 skinny jeans must never be worn with any tennis shoe, skater shoe, doc martins, or any other shoe of that nature.

Rule #3 Skinny jeans must only be blue denim or black. No grey, no florescents and no plaids or checkers. Seriously people.

not even converse people.

Rule #4 Skinny jeans must only be worn with heels, wedges, hot high boots, not short boots, and open toed flats.

Open toed flats are good, closed toed flats are not.

How do you feel about skinny jeans and my rules?


Mike and Katie said...

Your rules are great. I think you missed one. Skinny jeans can only be worn by skinny people. Exhibit A: myself. I've got too much in the rear end region for these to ever look good on me. Believe me, I tried some on just for kicks, and they looked absolutely awful. No curves allowed, straight stick legs only!!!

Dan and Jan said...

Are you aware that your sisters wore skinny jeans during High School and Collegs? We were disgusted when bell bottoms came into style as we had sworn never to wear them.

I like your rules. Hanna already has a pair of skinny jeans, they even have a zipper on the bottom.

I, of course, am still wearing my bell bottoms.

sherry said...

Your friend Katie took my comment. The #1 rule should definately be that they can only be worn by skinny people. Maybe it goes without saying, as they are called the "skinny jean". Maybe there is no need to be redundant. Can't wait to see your new skinny jeans!

Megan said...

Callie, I love you. I hope you know how much you are missed.