Thursday, December 18, 2008

Woo Hoo!

I just bought myself , drum role please.....

And this is what I bought to keep it and it's 2GB and 4GB chips and cords safe in. Aren't they soooo cute? Pink of course. I love everything pink.
Now I can tell you that this

Is how I feel almost all the time. Apropriately taken in the bathroom at work. Me and that toilet know each other pretty well now. On a good week my face says hello about mmmm....3 times a week. On a bad week about 3 times a day.

Bryce and several others had taken there last finals of the semester so we decided to make a trip to Outback to celebrate. In our group the more the merrier. It started out as about 6 of us and there ended up being 14 at dinner that night. It was great.
These are just a few of the people that keep me going.
Left to right: Luke, Katie, Kevin and Keely ( who is leaving for Guatamala shortly for a mission) Keely, you will be dearly missed.

Todd took my camera. I had just left the salon after dying my hair. So it's wet and I'm yucky. Say cheese. For those of you who know me, yes that little bit of off white in my lap is my pill0w. It pretty much never leaves my side these days.

Ryan. Standing because he is too cool to sit like the rest of us.

Todd bugging Hailee.

Still bugging hailee.


Jen said...

The camera is so cute!! Love the pink:)
What are you sick w/? Are you prego????

Kathryn Olsen said...

Glad you found our blog, but now I have yours! HEHE! Love the cute camera! So maybe I'm a little behind but are you pregnant?! It's not fun being sick (whether your pregnant or not)..sorry! Well I will be keeping tabs on you! Love all the PINK!