Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our Christmas tree and a fun weekend.

This is our Christmas tree. You will notice that there are only a few lights still at the bottom of our tree and no bells or silver hanging balls. This is because our crazy cat Donut thinks that our tree is her personal play thing and pulls at least one thing off of it daily. It is a real tree. Fortunatley we both grew up with parents who didn't do anything other than real trees and so we can't do anything but real. WOO HOO! We love our little tree.

Bryce bought a new video game based on With Strong Bad. If any of you have not checked out this website, it's time to. Click on the link and then click on sb emails and the ones you have to watch are Trogdor and web comics and the guitar one. It's hilarious.

Anyways, we had some friend come over to the house this weekend to make carmel and chocolate covered preztels and play some games. So, we pulled out the Homestar game. It's a Wii game. Needless to say it was hilarious and a wonderful source of laughs.

My dear friend Hailee decided to torture my male dog by putting him in a pink dress covered with hearts. Monty walked around with his head down the whole time he had it on. Poor thing.

My doggies flocked to my friend Ryan and sat on his lap all night. He wondered why out loud but we all heard you calling for them Ryan. :-) Yes we know that our dear fergie is not the cutest chihuahua. She is my homely child. She is a rescue though and the sweetest thing and melts your heart and we, I, love her all the same.
Plus he kept the blanket and they like to stay nice and warm

Hailee playing with Bryce's Smart pen ( She rocked that smart pen

By the end of the night she was playing the Star Wars theme song on the piano feature. It was pretty cool. Ashley and Garth joined us as well. We all sat down and watched Horton Hears a Who afterwards. I forgot how awesome that movie was. " in my world everyone eats rainbows and poops butterflies"

Look mom, Simba really likes Bryce. This is not the first time he has settled on his lap. He is much better. He even came out and said hi while everyone was over.


Jen said...

HOME STAR RUNNER! My brother would flip- they loved this growing up.

Joy said...

How nice to have something happy to read about on your blog! I love your tree and I'm glad you had a fun time with your friends. I'm really sad I didn't get an invite but I know no one wants an old lady around. :)

Schiefer Family said...

Sounds like fun! You have such a cute blog :) We are up in Utah now. Spence is going to BYU Law School and we'll be there for the next 2 1/2 years. Merry Christmas!!

The Blair's said...

Callie, I can't believe this is's Cara Kleiner...remember me at all? Anyways, you look great and I am so happy to see that you found a sweetheart to share you life with!