Monday, January 26, 2009

Best dog ever!

I grew up with the best dog ever. Unfortunately, so did my husband. We are both getting to the point where we a big dog. We already own 2 little Chihuahuas. I can not have kids and therefore, find comfort in children of the animal kind. My husband also enjoys animals. I totally lucked out with my chosen eternal companion in that regard. My mother always said she didn't like animals but she was lying.

I grew up with one of these. A boxer. My dad had a boxer as a kid, I think. When my brother Clark was about 14, I think, he got his own dog. He named him Brody. Papered name, Broderic of Agencore. Not sure of the spelling but it was something like that. Brody was the best dog ever. He was sweet and harmless but very protective at the same time.

He was the runt of his litter but still very large. It seemed as if his main goal in life was to please the members of my family. It only took about an hour to teach him any trick. He could sit, lay, speak, roll over, what ever you wanted him to do.

Brody was in my high school play with me. He played the dog in Oliver. He was off leash on that stage most of the time. The only time he required any kind of restraint was in a scene where the main bad guy used what looked like a metal rod to hit me off of a bench. That first time he pretend swung that rod at me, Brody lunged forward barking and sat his butt firmly down between me and the guy who played the bad guy. From then on One of the girls on stage held on to him during that scene. I swear he flinched everytime though.

All of my neices and nephew hung all over him and pulled his ears and even rode him like a horse at times. He never even let out a single whine. When my neice Kylee was 2 Brody would walk beside her so that he didn't stand taller then her. He was an awesome dog.

My husband, Bryce, grew up with one of these. A yellow labrador Retriever. He was the greates dog ever. His name was Blaze. I don't know if he was papered or not. My husband would often use blaze as a pillow just laying with him on the floor.

Blaze never needed a leash and never went out of the sight of a member of his family. One day while hiking my husbands family found an abandoned momma dog who was very thin and bleeding. She had just had puppies it looked like and was in very bad shape. My husband family took the dog home with them and as Blaze and this beat up dog sat in the car on the way home, blaze licked her and was very kind to her. Never showed any aggression or territorial behavior toward her. He became her best friend and shared her with his wonderful family.

Blaze also seemed as though his only purpose in life was to please every member of his family. He loved them and in return they loved him dearly. He could also do all the tricks, sit, lay, speak, roll over and spin. He was loved dearly.

Blaze was the best dog ever.

So, I want a boxer and Bryce wants a yellow lab. Because I have my chi's I think my husband feels entitled to his yellow lab. His very own yellow lab is what he has always wanted. And yet I can't help but think of sweet sweet Brody.
Which would you pick. I'd like to know what all of you think. Please vote on the upper right hand corner.

I think a couple probably had the same problem and came up with this. It's being called a boxador. They are a mix between a labrador retriever and a boxer.

I like them but I do not think they are quite as cute as either breed.

Have any of you readers ever met one of thes or heard about one of these? If so, I'd love to hear about the experience.


The Blair's said...

I always grew up with Labs and LOVE them! They are well mannered dogs with a lot of love to give. My vote would be the Labs!

Scrivener said...

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I don't think it matters that much. Except for the Boxador. That thing's ugly.

I loved our Brody a whole lot and credit him completely with getting Margaret to agree to get another dog when we're in a bigger house. Everybody loved that dog. But... remember Lana? She wasn't a bad dog, but no one's saying she was a best dog ever.

I think you just need to settle on a breed that has the kind of energy level and fur attributes that you're looking for and then you just have to get lucky to get a really good dog.

I would still get a Boxer for my next dog, but if you can trade that for, say, not moving to Texas or getting some more lovin' on Valentines day or something, a labrador isn't a bad second option.

Sam and Kristie Muir said...

I have had family with boxers and I have one now. I have also had labs. I have had 3 labs. And I will not go back to having one after Sam's lab turned on me because I was new when we first got married. As far as children aspect and fun a boxer is for sure funner and more loyal.

Callie and Bryce Christiansen said...

If we got a boxer I'd get a male not a female. The females are known to be more rambuncious. Especially unspayed.

Bryce Christiansen said...

Callie count the pets you have got so far, Monty, Fergie and Donut. It's my turn babe. ;)

Callie and Bryce Christiansen said...

Dnout is so much more yours then she is mine. Monty doesn't count because I had him before we got married and Fergie was a birthday present to myself.

Keeley brown said...

I'd have to go with Bryce on this one...i like labs better. Golden retrievers are actually my favorite, but then i don't know the first thing about dogs. My Dad is allergic to fur, so we never had dogs or cats growing up.

Lindsay said...

I am all for the Boxers! I had one growing up and I have 2 right now! They are such great dogs, as you already know! Go for the boxer!!

Rebecca said...

All dogs are yuck, but that Boxador takes the cake.