Tuesday, January 20, 2009

These Awesome girls

I totally lucked out When it comes to Neices and Nephews. I have no kids and it will probably stay that way for at least another year. Therefore, it is my wonderful pleasure to spoil my nieces and nephews and declare myself the 'cool aunt'. I hope they'd all agree with that. I enjoy the company of my neices and nephews. Because I enjoy them I will ofter invite them to do fun things with me. So, when I was about to head home on Sunday after Sunday dinner I walked past Hanna and Kylee and thought, hmmm I haven't done anything fun with girls in a while so I said " hanna, we haven't been shopping in a long time, we should go tomorrow because I have the day off. Kylee, you should totally come to." So I picked them both up around 10:30 and headed off to platos closet. I got 6 sweaters for $38. The girls got some super cute stuff too. Poor Kylee couldn't find any jeans long enough though. That girl has been like 6 inches taller then since somewhere around the age of 12.

They're gorgeous girls. I think they will have some seriously awesome double dates together. Kylee informed me that she was getting her permit in March. I am old. These girls are 3 months apart which is enough to put them in different grades. They get along fabulously though. Very different, very good, very beautiful girls.

I don't know about them, but I had tons of fun. After Plato's Closet we hit up Deseret book to see if we could find Hanna a CTR ring. She is currently void of any CTR ring. We couldn't find one that fit her but I bought 3 new books that I can't wait to start. Then I took them to lunch at Applebee's and we talked about school and boys and life. The we hit Nielsons Frozen Custard for Dessert. Them not me. I can't eat icecream but they shared a banana split with caramel sauce. We hit Target somewhere in there too. I dropped them both off at Kylees around 3. It was an really good day for me.

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Rebecca said...

I love this post! Maybe because I am the mother of one of those fabulous girls. They had a blast Callie, thanks for taking them!