Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My mom

Sharon Elaine Proffitt. Born January 27 1947. Only child, mother of 11, wife to 1, grandmother of, soon to be, 36. My mom gave birth to 11 children in 15 years. That's right, there is only 15 years between me and my oldest sibling, with only one set of twins. At number 10 she went to her heavenly and said " father, I am done. 10 is plenty." but My Heavenly Father had already made me a deal, that My mom would be my mom, you see. So, he slipped me right on in there and 11 it was. My mom is my hero. She is absolutely amazing. I used to say, My mom is like Marry Poppins with just one difference. Marry Poppins is practically perfect and my mom is just plain perfect. She hated it when I'd say that. She felt like it gave people the wrong impression and left her with too much to live up to. Yes, I know that no one is perfect but I am pretty sure that anyone who has met my mother would agree that she is pretty Fabulous.

My mom Grew up in California, as well as my dad. She passed her love of the beach to all eleven of her children. We contiue to go every year. My mom used to take the eleven of us for three weeks every summer. That's right, 3 weeks, camping, with 11 children, by herself for 2 of those weeks. Most of us continue to make it a priority every year to make the 7 hour drive to California and camp with everyone. We go in the summer and we start looking forward to it, I think as soon as we get back to Arizona.

My mom served a full time mission in Germany in 07 - 08. She returned home in July of 08 only to return in October of 08. Why, because the mission president begged her to return. When she told him she did not want to serve another full time mission he mad arrangements for her to serve a stake mission. She will be returning home for good in Febuary. When she told her mission president that when she comes home in Febuary, she'd be staying for good, he was disapointed. He said something to the effect of " I just figured you'd stay until I was released as the mission president". Once you've experienced having my mom in your life, it is hard to not have her in your life. My mom is returning in Febuary because my twin sister is having her second child. My mom trys to be there for each of her children the week after they give birth to every child they have. My mom won't make it for the first week this time but she will be there for week 2 and probably week 3 of little Delaney's life. My sister Joy will be making the trip to help Cassie the first week. My mom taught us well, you see. 9 out of the 11 of us live within about a 10 mile radius of eachother. I believe this is in a large part because of my mom. We hope to be joined by the other 2 eventually.

If you speak to any member of my family about my mom, you will find that we all refer to her as 'my' mom. It has been pointed out several times by the grand children. I think we have all called her 'my' mom forever. There are different theories behind this. One is that because she had so many of us she grew and learned so much with each one of us that she was a different mother to us all. She did things differently and taught things differently. I think it's our childish nature kicking in and we are all a bit stingy with her and don't like to share and therefore she becomes 'my' mom.

Love you mom! Thanks for being such an awesome mom. Happy Birthday! I'm sure dad will be watching over you all day, today especially, making sure it is wonderful.


sherry said...

good post Cal. Happy Birthday Mom! (She's MY mom;)

Keeley brown said...

Callie! Our moms share the same birthday! My mom was born January 27th 1957! They are exactly 10 years apart.

Michelle said...

I love your mom!!!!