Thursday, January 29, 2009

New toy

This is my new toy. I had my husband look into it for me and find me the best one. It is a net book. I is 1.6 G hrtzs with 1GB memory and a 120 GB Hard drive. I am very excited about it.

You see, my husband works for Dell and therefore we have always had laptops. Well, this last week Dell changed marketing firms and they asked Bryce to return 2 laptops. This has always been a fear of mine, that our free laptops would one day disapear. I didn't want to pay a lot of money to buy a lap top so I went with this.

I am the kind of person that only uses the laptop for internet usage, blogging, listening to music, keeping my pictures and watching movies and stuff. I would also like to start using it for a couple of Book ideas that I have.

This little baby just happens to be perfect for all of those things.

Now, I admit that I am not the happiest person right now and as a result, toys make me feel better. That is why it is good that I have a money conscious husband to help me out with things like this. This beutiful little think cost me a mere $385. That's right $385. Yay! To me it is very worth it.

This earth life of ours is too long not to splurge in a couple things that bring us joy right?


Jen said...

Splurge all you want. It's nice to treat yourself every once in a while.

& Not worries about the puppy, i figured you wouldn't want to wait that long, I'm just getting a little ahead of myself when in reality i need to wait until Bailey is ready :)

Callie and Bryce Christiansen said...

For the record I haven't had to return any laptops yet and for all I know I could just end up getting new ones in return from the new company.