Friday, January 9, 2009

Our trip to Utah

Let me just start by saying that I have a new found appreciation for the snow but an even greater appreciation for living in the last of the sun. This is again, a ton of pictures.

This is Grandma's little house that her father actually built. A 2 bedroom 1 bath house. Well 3 bedrooms technically. There's one in the basement. But still just one bath. We put 14 adults in this house one night. The rest of the time it was just 7 adults. I love little old Utah houses. They are so cute. This is what 13 inches of snow look like.

And this is what -10 Degrees F looks like. Good timesa.

We of course made a trip to the salt lake temple. It was absolutely gorgeous and I got to visit with my my adorably wonderful friend Tiffany Lloyd who is currently serving a Temple Square mission.

We decided to make an Igloo that Kevin and Luke could sleep in one night. So we just made this big pile on day.

Then it snowed and that and we built on the pile.

Kevin is 6 foot 5 and our pile is almost as tall as he is. Pretty cool huh?

The lovely Katie Christiansen. Sorry boys, she's taken.

Luke starting to dig out the inside of our Igloo. That guy is a trooper and the taker of katie. We like him. He gets our 2 thumbs up.

Me and Bryce. I did some shoveling too I promise. I didn't just pose for pictures.

The inside of our completed Igloo. Kevin and Luke could sit up right in it and lay fully out stretched in it. Katie has some pictures of them in their sleeping bags in there. I am very very clostrophobic and therefore did not dare venture in there myself.

Our freaking awesome igloo. The boys did actually stay the night in there. They said it was very warm.

The 2 main guys totally proud of their work. Kevin on the left, Luke on the right.

The 2 guys filling in their work so that " some curious kids didn't go in their when the weather got warmer and have it collapse on them"

Monday we went snow mobiling. A first for most of us. It was totally fun. We all got snow mobiles and rode around and played for 6 hours. One of the funnest things I've ever done.

This is Katie and Luke. They were great to take pictures of.

My father in law Chris Christiansen.

Bryce all bundled up in his snow clothes.

Up close now.

Me on my snow mobile bundled up.

I got my very own. It was awesome. Keep reading it gets more interesting.

I have to say that thanks to my sister Rebecca and her husband Greg we were not one bit cold. It even began to snow and become a blizzard up there on that mountain and we stayed nice and warm. It was great.

All in all it was super fun and an amazing trip. The end.


Ryan and Jayme said...

Looks like you had fun until you ran into the tree! Ouch! Glad you are okay. When are you coming back to work? I haven't seen you in like a month!

Dan and Jan said...

Yikes! You should never do anything remotely dangereous. I liked the igloo and would have loved to see it in real life.

Chelsi and Trevor Chipps said...

Oh my goodness!! I'm glad that you are ok!! You are way lucky!!

beth ann said...

woah! but super cool!

Keeley brown said...

Wow...! I LOVE your bruises!! Im always seem to be fascinated by them, idk why. Looked like an amazing trip and i'm glad that you had fun! :)