Thursday, February 26, 2009

Do not open unless you have a good solid 15 minutes to look at pictures

These first pictures are from when my twin sister Cassie came to town for the Weekend.

Trigg and Addie

Jerom in the pile of leaves that Chandler so awesomely built.
chandler bursting out of the leaves making addie giggle


8 and a half month pregnant cassie
Teichert. He was being very generous with his smiles.


He very willingly doned this very cool hat for me. 
Our babies like to hold our babie.  This is Zanya holding Abbigail.
With mom right there making sure little arms don't drop little babies.
Me and Cassie. She has always been a good 4 inches taller then me. 

I actually did my hair this day and I was so proud that I made Bryce take a couple pictures. This was before it started falling out by the handful.
Doesn't it look so long, thick and gorgeous. This is still how it looks in my dreams. I miss my hair.
Grandma with her newest grandbaby. Delaney Lindsay Wernli

She is the sweetest baby.  
This is the beginning of the newborn photo shoot for Laney. 

This baby is even prettier in person. 

Cassie got in some really good mommy and baby shots.

Lexi was such a good girl for the shoot. She did exactly as she was asked. Dad would have been helpful for some good smiley faces though.

I think this is one of my favorites.


The photographer brought this awesome red skirt. Lexi knew just what to do with it. 
She'd stand up and do a spin and then fall to the floor and giggle. It was awesome.

This little girl was wide awake almost the whole time. Isn't she gorgeous?

Sister love. I love this picture.
This one too.

The photographer put on a big read nose and lexi thought it was so silly. 

Daddy took the baby for a little while but had to get some work done. 
This looks like a dad sleeping with his precious sleeping baby but his eyes are actually open, just looking down. 

baby after bath time. She likes her baths as long as you have the nice warm water all ready for her. 
After Grandma bundle her all up.
When I am holding this little girl just right. Stalling her for mom or just holding her she gives me all kinds of smiles. I LOVE every minute of it. 

I know the first ones are a bit dark but I promise she is smiling. I have loved every minute here with these beautiful little girls. Cassie and Brandon aren't so bad either. She is by far one of the best behaved babies. 


Jen said...

You weren't kidding- that was a lot of pics! She is such a precious little baby:)

sherry said...

Yeah, I was wondering how you guys have been doing up there! Those are some awesome pictures. Were those taken with your camera during the photo shoot?