Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lean Cusisne

Why Lean Cuisine? Because it uses vinegar and citris as preservatives and not chemically loaded crap.

A coworker asked me that question when I was making lunch at work. I also enjoy Lean Cuisine because I feel like they make it healthy by using good ingredients and cutting back on size rather then flavor.

I don't do seafood so I don't know how the sea food ones are but I really like the chicken ones and the pasta ones.

My favorite one right now is, 5 cheese Rigitoni. I also love the Mac and Chees, the lasagna, fettucine, sweet and sour chicken, orange chicken, asian potstickers, cheddar broccoli and potatos, all the pizza's, all the sandwich ones and all the pita ones are really good.

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marcie said...

mmmm I survived on Lean Cuisine in beauty school! It was the only frozen food I thought tasted good

and by the way I miss you too!
I don't know if you got your hair colored last week but let me know if you want it done still, sorry that one day didn't work out. I couldn't tomorrow but let me know :)