Monday, February 9, 2009

Me on the Radio

Let me explain. I have an hour drive to work every morning and the best program on at that time is John Jay and Rich. They do different segments, Second date update, war of the roses and so on. One segment they do is 'it sucks to be me'. Most of the time they are giving away tickets of some kind for the best sob story of why it sucks to be you. I figured that being awake during a colonoscopy and Endoscopy would totally score me some tickets so when I heard the 'it sucks to be me' theme song this morning I quickly dialed and actually got through. I'm on there for quite a while actually. Unfortunately, they were not giving any tickets away. So, I figure the next time they do the 'it sucks to be me' segment I'll tell them about my car accident less then one week post op, with my seatbelt not catching and resulting in reconstructive surgery. I've got 24 years of 'it sucks to be me' bring it on baby. If you'd like to listen to it click this link and then click on Febuary 9th, It sucks to be me and I'm about 4 minutes in. Enjoy.

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