Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Neices and Nephews

I have a ton. 36 to be exact. I love them all. They are such a huge blessing to me. They actually make me a little happy about being on this earth right now. Okay, that sounds a little bad but seriously, would you like to be nauseous 24/7, light headed all the time, pray you don't hurl any time you put something in your mouth, losing your hair and have to work like 13 hours a day. Especially somewhere where the atmosphere completely sucks and everyone shoves alchohol in your fade. Right now I am kind of mad at Eve for taking a bite of that fruit. I mean, have you ever heard of self control woman?

Anyways, I got to alot of time with this handsome guy this week. His parents headed off to Boston and as a huge plus I got to spend my nights and weekend with Booker.

Me: " who's my buddy?"
Booker: " BOOKER's buddy"

This kid rocks. He was so good with my little doggies. So good. They would go and sit right next to him because he never tortured them.
I've always said I am not ready for kids and that I like being able to give them back to their parents. Not anymore. I was very sad to see my buddy leave on Sunday. He would fall asleep with me in my bed and then Bryce would move him to his own bed. " This bed" he'd say. " I want to sleep in this bed, you sing to me?" I would sing a few songs then we'd both fall asleep. Or I'd here random giggling in my room and find Donut cuddling right up to Booker and him thinking it was just so funny. I am so sad that I didn't take even one picture.
This is Trigg. He know all of the words to Phantom of The Opera. No joke. He's my sister Joy's youngest. When she took me home from surgery this gem was with her. We got into the car and he asked for the scarry music. Phantom of The Opera comes on and this kid starts singing along. Not just a little, but full heatedly with hand motions and everything. Priceless, one of the greatest things I've ever seen. I seriously need to get a video of it.

This is Jan's youngest. She seems like a genious, the way she talks. For Valentines Day, Bryce and I took Booker, Sam and Zanya to the park to eat pizza and feed the ducks. They were so good. They did everything we asked and had so much fun feeding all of the duckies. Zanya knows all of her colors Bryce says and everytime she see's me she says, "hi Callie" I don't know when she knew my name but one day she saw me and said "hi Callie" and has done the same ever since.

They play so nicely together. It's amazing. I wish I had more pictures.

Phantom boy at the beach. I have a fondness for this picture of him because everytime I step outside I automatically shut my left eye. This is the first time I've seen someone do the same thing.

Kevin and Tate. Best picture I had of them.

Zanya zonked at the beach.

Sammy. When sammy was little I spent a few weekends at the Evans house taking care of the kids while mom and dad went off for some much needed vacation. I got to rock this girl to sleep several times. For a while when I would go over there around bed time she'd ask her mom if I could put her to sleep, occasionally. I love every minute of it. Her older brother Chandler took a video on my phone of this little girl telling me that she loved me. It was an awesome surprise the next time I looked at my videos.

This is Lexi. My twin sisters first baby. She shares my middle name. So does Sammy. I have Lexi Loo as my background on my computer at work. I have had at least 4 people this week make a comment on how beautiful she is. Look at those gorgeous baby blues.

Even this studly kid chose to go on double date with me and my husband for his reward for Earning his Eagle Scout. Can you believe that? Dude is 17 and a junior in Highschool and out of about 5 options he chose a double date with me and Bryce. Totally awsome huh? He has yet to cash in. I think he can't decide what girl he wants to ask. This kid was aweful when I babysat him. I think I have heard " you're not the boss of me" enough to last a life time. I plan on reminding him often of his stubborness. Although, I do have to say that the last time I house sat for the Evans, I never had to ask this kid to do anything twice.

I love all of my neices and nephews. I try to spend time with them as much as I can. I can only be the cool aunt for so long, you know? They are awesome. Kylee and Kinsey came and watched a movie at my house while Booker slept so that me and Bryce could go eat a yummy dinner at Outback for Valentines day. When I tried to give them a little money, those both told me that I absolutely could not pay them for just sitting there and eating pizza and watching a movie. I love these kids. All of them!


Joy said...

Callie, I loved this post. I know it is so hard for you to find things to be grateful for and I am so glad that you still can. Plus, who doesn't love to read about their kids? Love you.

judycolby said...

Since they know you have Cushing's are the scopes to look for an ectopic source? Have your ACTH levels been high, low or normal. Normal to high usually points to pituitary. Low can point to adreanl source. Was your adrenal CT normal?
Have you considered sending a disc of your pit MRI to a neurosurgeon to get their take on it? There is one at MDA who does it for folks even if they aren't his patients. He's got a great eye.