Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I, Caroline Christiansen, at the age of 24 just had my first MRI. By far my least pleasant medical imaging experience.

Do you see how tiny that little hole is? Seriously? I am very claustrophobic, not fun.

They were doing images of my Petuitary Gland. It's in your brain, for those of you who don't know. I have blacke out twice now and have Cushings syndrome, which causes tumors on your Petuitary Gland. So, my GP decided it was a good idea to take a peek at.

Have you ever had a cat scan? Those are simple. 10 minutes and your done. Unless you are me, then they make you drink a contrast and put an IV in and take an hour and 15 minutes. Anyways, because they were taking pictures of my brain they put this fun little mask on me. Which makes it even more closed in. They put a little mirror in there so you can see out of the machine. No good I tell ya. I use that mirror to watch the count down of the test on the clock on the machine.
I don't know how many images they took but it must have been a ton because they took me back to the MRI machine at 8:45 and I didn't come out until 9:45. An hour, I spent an hour of my day in that little tube. Now, normally I would take that as an opportunity to nap. Sounds great right? Totally impossible. Those of you who have had an MRI know what I'm talking about. They give you ear plugs but it's knocking and buzzing and humming in very loud tones. Then I got to get an injection and take more pictures. I actually hope that's a good sign that they found something because the order for the MRI left whether or not they would do a contrast image up to the radiologist. And she did. She did 3 actually. She said okay, "I'm going to give you and injection and take 3 more images. You're doing great, hold in there". Fun times I tell ya.


Ryan and Jayme said...

We just found out that Cohen (my 3 year old) has to get a MRI. Probably in a week or so. But since he is so young, they will put him out. I wish they would be me out too, I don't know how I am going to handle it!

Jen said...

I am not jealous whatsoever. I hope the results come out good.

Chelsi and Trevor Chipps said...

I've had a few MRI's but luckly, they were only on my knees. I'm so sorry for what you are having to go through!! I can only imagine how miserable you must be!! I'm so sorry Callie!