Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Perfect Bedding.

I have purchased 3 bedding sets in the last 2 years. Aweful, I know. First set was good but cheap and did not last and got yucky. Second set was a beutiful Blue and Brown set from Linens and things. It was a comforter set and not a quilt. Well, my cat tore that one to shreds. Yes, I would like to get her declawed. So we have been sleeping with odds and ends of blankets. Growing up my mom loved loved loved quilts. She tought this love to me. There is nothing like a beautiful quilt. So, I was searching and searching online for new bedding and I just didn't like anything I saw. So, I was at Walmart picking up something and I thought I'd take a peek at their quilts. Well, I am happy to say, I found the PERFECT one. I love love love it. It is so much more gorgeous in person.

I bought the quilt without the shams because the shams weren't at the location I was at. Well, I went to go get some groceries at a different location and they had the Shams. YAY!!! I love my new bedding, it is perfect and I think Bryce doesn't hate it so that's good too. This totally made my week.


Jen said...

I am die-ing for a new comforter set as well. They are just so darn expensive. I decided to just live w/ the one we have until we move in a new home, hopefully w/in a year.

Anonymous said...

I see all your feed back on Bedding Sets and it appears like some of you are looking for more designs.